My Food Journey in Penang-Wai Kee Char Siew

in #food6 years ago

Wai Kee 

This store has very decent char siew and homemade pork sausage. Holy, the char siew is slightly burnt, gives a crunchy and flavourful taste. It's fat but ya yet not stuffing. 

Pork sausage is good at layering. Fat layer and thin layer. It's juicy and chewy. 

Boiled vegetable in chicken and pork bone soup . Slightly seasoned with special soy sauce. 

RM 25 (2 set of charsiew,1 pork sausage , One Rice,one vegetable)

Location : Wai Kee Char Siew

Chulia St, Georgetown, 10450 George Town, Penang

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