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RE: Batch Cook: Grilled Chicken and Saffron Yellow rice. Recipe and progress pics below

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Holy shit, i've never seen such an organized freezer in my life!!! Hahah, thats crazy ::)))...but super handy, I support the home made precooked meals a 100%, they are true lifesavers!!!...good to see you back, btw


lol, it's taken a lot of practice, not to mention regularly inventorying so we know what we have on hand. I've got a second chest freezer also full as well:

Minus the 2 pork butts in the bag, almost everything is vacuumed packed, even my whiskey bbq sauce. Once I get a food mill I plan on canning it. I'm kinda back and forth at the moment, but its good to see you as well and thank you for stopping by!

Hahaha, You are a beast!!!! :-):-):-)