Save Wastage Of Food = Save Someone's Life

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In india the wedding season is approaching, we will be busy looking for ways to make our wedding the talk of the town. In every Indian wedding, food is the most important part, and the most wasted too!

In india the marriage is like a big festival of every Indian family . They spend lots of money in the marriage. Even the marriage was son or daughter doesn't matter They celebrate it.

According to the food minister, around 100,000 weddings and social events are held in India every day.

In indian marriage They made a many items in a reception . The sweet ball is a famous food for Indian marriage. They made a lots of food in the marrige.
But the main problem of Indian is they eating less and waste more.
During the time of reception in marriage all people are take a dish and take food even they are not required. They take so much food for test. And if they doesn't like then they through that food in dustbin.
They do not take food as their requirements they try to test all the items of reception and then they waste it.

Indian people are very kind. Even any guest don't want to eat any one specific item even they are force them and serve specific item and guest are not interested in specific item and he can't eat it and it is wasted.

In Indian marriage there are 30% food are wasted. Indian children are also participate in wasting the food. They eat too little but they take a lots of food in their dish like 2 peoples are eat in that particular dish.
The amount of food waste produced globally each year is more than enough to feed the nearly 1 billion hungry people in the world.
All the wasted food are go in dustbins. But does that mean we should stuff ourselves even when we’re full? Nope, that’s not helping anybody. So what’s a pea-hating child-turned-adult to do?

In india there many peoples that they have nothing to eat. Lot's of poor people are in india that they are sleeping without eating anything. They have big family but only one person can earn something and it is not enough.

If we are save that wasted food and give that food to poor people. This is a big help and relief for the poor

We reduce the waste of food and in india the group marriage are also arranged every cast in every year. So we arrange our douhter/son's marriage in group marriage and save some money and save the waste of foods.
We should help poor people who have not enough meal.

I suggest those people who celebrate the marriage just like a big event they should reduce the spend money in marriages and give the some meal to the poor people.

In india most food are wasted in marriages so we should avoid the wastage of food.

How we should reduce the waste of food :
1.We should serve as per their requirement.

We should not force anyone to eat specific item. If they are not interested then we should not serve them.

If some food are left in kitchen then we should not through it in dustbin but we should give that meal to the poor people who have not enough meal.

So we should help poor people and avoid the waste of food.


I wonder if a charity group would take this on as a project? My aunt collected day-old breads and pastries from the grocery stores in her town and donated it to her church (and other churches too) who offered free lunches for anyone hungry. There were 5 churches and each one had a day of the week where they offered a free meal. But if no one collects the food, and if there is no place to take it, the wedding hosts don't have much choice. Very sad.

I appreciate you. Hope God give some sence to this rich people.

I am agree with you these days many peoples died due to lake of food give a great message
Kept it up @helex

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