Cravings satisfied 😆😆😆

in food •  last year

Grilled hotdog + grilled chicken intestine paired with garlic rice with pickles.



Hello Steemians! It's dinner time here in the Philippines. As we all know, Filipinos love to eat rice. I just would like to share with you how simple my dinner tonight but really satisfied my stomache.

It's not a healthy menu but it makes me feel heaven especially eating grilled chicken intestine. Usually, these foods can be found in the street, making it known for streetfoods. But because I'm diligent today. I made my own version.


Don't punish your self. It is sometimes good to eat what makes you satisfied. Of course, when I mean SOMETIMES, don't make it OFTEN! Alright?! Don't be hardheaded Steemians! I love you and I care for you all even before I know you.

Have a great day ahead.


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Filipino foods are really delicious. Yes your right @hazelicious, a big thanks to @surpassinggoogle


Thank you @natz04


Much welcome @hazelicious

I felt hungry just looking at your pics!! Looks really delicious!! Yeah it's good to give in to cravings at times but should not be cheat day everyday lol


True 😂 @dangerousangel