What is a English Breakfast in London

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What is a English Breakfast in London

I will upload few English breakfast i will share my opnion you all make the decision which English breakfast is the best! Today We're starting our journey at Billingsgate Market. It's well know an old East End fish market, but most tourists come here from all over London.


English Breakfast in London

There have a Billingsgate Cafe That is our first target. We are on a mission to find the best full English breakfast in London. You might ask me what is a full English breakfast? Well, it's supposed to be a massive breakfast that absolutely sets you up for the day.


Best English Breakfast in London

We want to see some kind of egg whether it's fried, or scrambled, or poached. As long as it's cooked well, that's fine. Same time We want some bacon. We're looking for some nice, crispy bacon and some sausages as well. Some places toast their bread and then some kind of bread, some places fry their bread.


Billingsgate Cafe

look what we have got in our full English breakfast. We got a sausage. It looks like a really good sausage, thick cut, proper pork. We've got baked beans. We've got the mushrooms, tomatoes, hash browns, back bacon, fried breadis. A fried egg It's nice. It's really light, they've given one fried egg. and toast as well on top of fried bread.


We might be saying that by the end,Right, let me try this bacon.a good amount of crisp on this. It's full of flavor. Yeah, that's good bacon. But not overly salted and not too greasy either. I like the fact that there's not a lot of fat on it. You actually get the full flavor of the meat, really, really good.


Toast Bread

I'm really, really hungry. This is just like, I can literally see there's just meat spilling out of it. That is a very full sausage, I think. It's almost like a little bit too much going on there.





A bit more like a sausage roll than a sausage, but it's really tasty. It's got all the ingredients that you'd look for in a kind of classic English breakfast. Maybe not the freshest ingredients, but everything does have its place on the plate, and it's just a lot of food for your money, which is great.







Bacon 02


Toast Bread 02


Sausage 02


Tomato 02


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