The Premises Café

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The Premises Café


The Premises Café

The Premises Café, which is attached to the Premises Rehearsal and Recording Studio. This is the fried breakfast at Premises Café in east London. I mean, first impressions, it's got tick, tick, tick, all the basics of a really great fried breakfast on the menu.


The Premises Café 02

It's got fried egg in the middle. It's got some bacon. It's got some sausage, as well as just having real classics like some good pieces of toast, some beans, tomato, and a hash brown. It's nice, like the egg doesn't have too much of a hard underside to it. It hasn't been overfried.


The Premises Café 03

The yolk as soon as we cut into it was super, super runny, which is exactly what you wanna see in order to be able to dip in all the other elements into it. It's got a nice taste to it. It's obviously like a good, fresh, well-cooked egg. Whoa! That's good bacon.


The Premises Café 04

A danger of fry-ups, as kind of the name would signify, is that you just fry everything and everything comes out really greasy, but this feels quite light almost, which is really good because even though you've got that layer of fat in the bacon, there hasn't been too much extra added to it to kind of make it heavy or too much.


The Premises Café 05

In terms of the style of sausage, it's pretty similar to the one we had at Billingsgate, but I gotta say, I prefer this one. It just is kind of better, better cooked I think. A bit more cooked all the way through. The texture's really great, and it's just really nicely seasoned as well.


The Premises Café 06

So this entire plate of food only costs £7.95. I would say that's really a massive bargain. It's just, I mean forgetting the toast as well, it's like double rashers of bacon. You get two sausages and two fried tomatoes. I think that's a really, really good price.


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