Terry's Café

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Terry's Café

On this absolutely massive plate of food, we've got a couple of quite new ingredients. So the first one is bubble and squeak. Now we will travel to south east London to Terry's, an old English café with a post-World-War-II-London feel.

It's just this kind of mashed-potato-looking thing over here, and what it actually is is potato and quite traditionally like cabbage or sprouts all kind of griddled into one so that you get this nice sort of brown layer on top of it, but inside should be a little bit like a vegetably mashed potato.

It's like really kind of classic English dish. So what we've also got here is our first black pudding of the day. For those of you who don't know, black pudding is one of the least appetizing-sounding foods in the world. What it is is usually pig's blood mixed with oats and some animal fat and then put inside a casing and kind of cooked like a sausage.

What should we go for first? You get the kind of caramelization on the outside where it browns. So a little bit of sweetness. The inside, I'm mostly getting the potato, but then kind of mixed in with that you kind of get the cabbage and whatever else is in there. It's good! It's like a really oaty consistency. Like, it's really like a porridge.

Porridge? Porridge log... It tastes nutritious but like baked-cake porridge. Harry: If you tried that without knowing what it was, would you think "blood"? No. I mean, it tastes a little bit like sausage. It's like oaty sausage. So really, really nice fried egg here.

You can see that it's cooked extremely well, and it's got this really nice sheen to it. Got some parsley on the top, which is just a nice little addition to it. It's gonna give it like a little bit of a kick. Let's try. Not much crisp on the bottom. Ju: Yeah. It's not as, like, fried as I kind of thought it would. Y'know, that association of everything kind of having like a brownishness in it 'cause it's just been like fried for a couple of minutes.

Whereas this is just, there's like a levity to it, like, it's just quite light, looks like it's been extremely lightly fried. I really want to try this sausage. Just get a look at the size of these.
This is an entire meal in just one, like in one forkful. This is like a hot-dog sausage, but it's got this amazing glisten to it. It's just perfectly cooked. Really, really, really tasty-looking. Like I literally can't wait to eat this.

It's so super, super sweet. It's not as herby as other sausages that we've tried today. It's just like a very nice, sweet pork. Like that lovely, kind of like, almost crispiness around the outside. Yeah, you get like the snap of the casing when you bite into it. That's a really good sausage.

Really good.And now we'll try some of this bacon under here.It looks great, lovely color on the bacon, three rashers as well.That's a lot of bacon.Ju: That's a lot of bacon.

They've not messed around on the bacon, which I love to see. Ju: Yeah. Harry: It's quite a thick cut of bacon. I'm getting like...
We both kind of chewed for a quite while when we bit into that. It's kind of almost towards that gammon-ham sort of texture that you're more used to but with the sort of saltiness and a little bit of crisp from the bacon. Really good.


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Photographed in a very beautiful way. The food looks so beautiful. I also want to eat. Taking pictures in such a way that it seems that the food is actually in front of me. If I could eat the food would be much better. I am hungry after seeing the food.

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