People are Crazy for Food

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People are crazy for food.

French fried

Much like the primitive age. We can't go out normally now if we want to. The last few days I went shopping after shopping I was doing some shopping with my family. After that it took a long time to go shopping and then we were looking for a nearby country for food and suddenly we saw a fast food there and we went there without thinking about anything.


Full Dish

Really It was a delicious dish. Mainly we love chicken then French fried & fried rice, salad was just plain with tomato's & cucumbers. Spicy of the chicken was remarkable.



In a word, our food system was amazing, we still feel the taste of the food. In fact, not everything can be explained, so I took some pictures and shared the pictures with you. Maybe seeing the picture will make your tongue water. However, if you want, you can easily make these dishes at home.

I've probably said before how to make such fun food at home. If anyone wants to know more, let me know and I will probably make another post about this.


2 Set Dish

The specialty of this restaurant is that when we arrived at its main gate, they first measured our temperature with their instrument. In other words, they checked to see if we had a fever.



Then he disinfected our hands with alcohol. Anyway, we went to the table and sat down and looked at the menu. What food can be ordered from here? There are three of our family members but again we ordered two and with these two meals the three of us happily had our lunch very well.


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