Lets Eat Street Food

in #foodlast year

Hygienic Fry food make me crazy. I love to have them.It's has some similarity like Indian Dosa. Doesn't took long to make it while we was talking We found our food ready.


Always remember not to have street food if you found people are not following Hygienic food code. It could make you sick!!


I take some time before I order street food. Objever how does they make the food and serve it. If it make me satisfied then i order my food.


They use mashed potato inside the dosa, but In India they use separate different type of curry.







No proble to take away buy I like to have them HOT. Time to have my yumi food.



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Dosa is actually very healthy for your body. It is actually created using fermented rise. This creates some good bacteria in your stomach when eaten. And best of all it has a Wonderfull taste. We do not live in India but we learned how to make dosa just by following YouTube videos...When I say we I mean my wife :)

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