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Today I will tell you how to make roasted khichuri at home. mixing or deep frying spices with rice and lentil. It is the richer version of the plain old Khichuri. Basically roasted khichuri is made by mixing pulses with fragrant rice. He can make it different way. We can make it through vegetables or we can give you meat.

Today I made my one with Flavor rice khichuri with beef meat and gave mustard oil to get that which is delicious and healthy for you because if it is made with other oil it can be harmful to your health. Bhuna means braised; so this dish is kind of slow cooked to infuse the flavors and the spices as opposed to the simple process of cooking everything together during the other times. You cannot ignore the beautiful aroma while it is braising and cooking!


First I cleaned the rice and pulses well with water and dried them well and used one-fourth of the amount of rice I used. You can use half of it if you want and I used meat and exactly half of the rice. In the middle of the rice, first I put the crushed onion in the middle of the path when the oil is hot, then I mix ginger, garlic, cumin, turmeric paste or turmeric powder in it and when it gets hot, I give the meat.


In other words, when the meat is almost done or the meat will need next 15 minutes to be fully cooked that time I added rice and lentil. some time we need to move little other wise they will burn. As i use master oil that gave some extra tasty.

Bhuna Khichuri could be cooked with different types of meat – beef, mutton (goat), and chicken. Also it can have eggs or prawn added to it. It is a very popular dish for lunch on the traditional Bangladeshi restaurants. Bhuna Khichuri would be number three authentic Bangladeshi food food you must try while visiting Bangladesh.

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