Frozen Yogurt Bank of The River

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Frozen Yogurt Bank of The River


Frozen Yogurt

If you look for "Song Frozen Yogurt" in google or tripadvisor you must find me! Who have teeth problem they can't make it. Most of the people enjoy it only very few people have complain about the COLD. Otherwise good yogurt, wide choice of flavours it's located at Frozen Yogurt Shop in London, United Kingdom. You might love to have Frozen Yogurt please come and join with us. Absolutely amazing! Lots of fresh and tasty fruits and goodies to choose from and put on top of a good variety of yogurt flavours.


Frozen Yogurt 02

Just let you know been visiting their branches for many years now and I’m never disappointed. Great frozen yoghurt, amazing flavours and an array of excellent toppings! Don't forget free music. I'm still not convinced this is much other than an overpriced novelty item.


On The Bridge


On The Bridge 02


Bridge Top


Frozen Yogurt 03


Frozen Yogurt 04


Frozen Yogurt 05


Frozen Yogurt 06


Frozen Yogurt 07


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