4 Cookies only £5

in #foodlast year

4 Cookies only £5

Extra large size cookies selling on the street. I feet to have them but be honest with you I didn't eat them just took some pictures. Who know all you might like those cookies. few different types ready to sell.

  1. Red Velvet Cookie
  2. White Chocolate & Cranberry Cookie
  3. Mini Egg Cookie
  4. Hazelnut Chocolate Cookie
  5. Triple Chocolate Cookie
  6. Chocolate Chip Cookie
  7. Oat and Raisin Cookie


Mini Egg Cookie

Mini Egg Cookie was calling me that's why I took those picture. First of all i am serious about food hygiene, It's looking good taste must me wonderful. I like to have them in cover pack... Also looking dry! I like soft. Always remember eat healthy food stay away from doctor.


Cookie 01


Cookie 02


Cookie 03


Red Velvet Cookie


Cookie 05


Cookie 06


Cookie 07



Oat and Raisin Cookie

Waiting to get some comment, don't know why steemit friends talking long.


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Omg!! These cookies looks so delicious i wish you all could do shipping and handling!! Maybe in the near future???

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