Srikaya jam on sticky rice (Part #2)

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Hello Food Lovers...

What are you doing this month? we are enjoying the fasting month (ramadhan). What we live for a month, a year only once. And very festive, moreover there are many menus that are sold every afternoon.

Breaking the fast with the sweet is one that is be isunnah in our religion. when it was getting late, I wandered around to the vendors to get this food. One of the sweet foods is called "lemang".


Lemang is one of the foods that exist in Southeast Asia.

In Malaysia, these foods are often eaten using a curry. But there are also sold with jam srikaya. This jam is placed on top of sticky rice that has been rounded using bamboo and burned.



The process is the same as ordinary rice cooking, just lemang is using bamboo media as a tool to enter the ingredients.

Sticky rice mixed with coconut milk then wrapped with banana leaves and put into Bamboo, then burned.



Hope to add to your taste. Namaste




nice meal
really wish to have a tasty of it
very nice looking and tempting to

Thank you @youngsteem... Hope you like it :)

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