Half-finished Tarts

in #food3 years ago

Hello Food Lovers

Have you ever made a cake with your children and when you want to continue your work you know that your son has taken something from you?.


This is not the issue of semi-finished cake, but as I mentioned earlier, I suddenly eliminate the phone I use to take this cake.

Ah it is a normal thing, for a child to a child who is 8 years old. The funny thing is I'm still uploading this photo even though the cake is half done, because to take the next step I do not know where my mobile phone.


You know when I found this phone Now I find it after I leave this to the buyer I prepared this cake quickly because the reservation gave me a deadline.

This tart cake I'm decorating to form a Happy Birthday sentence because the discussion will give this cake to her son and also my age with my child.


Look at me cutting every corner of the quingini and every corner I've cut I put it in a plate for me to eat it, and knowing that it feels very like what I want.

After this tart I made me coat it with white butter added with vanilla then after that I just apply brown liquid on it and form the letters according to the order.

Hope to add to your taste. Namaste



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