French Fries With Thin Flour

in #food3 years ago

Hi Food Lovers!

Everyday activities need energy, I did not eat this morning until this afternoon, and, a friend asked me out to enjoy a glass of coffee. Because the stomach feels cruel hunger.

I ended up ordering food.


Really unexpected, the cafe that we stop by not sell food that fills. I asked the waiter, "whether here is something to eat?" He replied, "here there are only fries, at least for today."

In my heart said, "ah there are cafes in this era that do not provide food, but if I see, this cafe has crowded visitors, they only provide coffee, and snack that is not too filling.


After waiting for a while, finally the fries that I ordered also arrived to my table. My friend and I saw this fried potato, it did not seem too hot. I do not know what the waiter did so the fries are not hot, just warm up a bit, just like that.

I also noticed, the flour used to smear the fries is very thin. Actually I like, because the original taste is still there, but what upsets me next is, these fries have less taste, yes! lacked a distinctive taste of potatoes.


Ah, because the hunger is so painful, I ended up eating this fried potato with my friend, at the table. I finally moved on, because the rain had not subsided, we sat while in this cafe.

When the rain subsided, I immediately moved, and I was full, at least I was full. Hihihi