Delicious Egg Layer Pudding

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Hello Food Lovers

I just found out that my child's friends are going to do a joint activity on Sunday tomorrow. Because there's nothing they can take with me, I'll provide some good cup pudding.


Actually, pudding is known as delicious desserts, every to the food stalls, always provided pudding as dessert. Or after a meal, the pudding is tasty and fresh.

So, for that I was helped by the children to make it


Well, as you can see in the picture, I am photographing a ready-to-eat pudding, which I have chilled in the refrigerator.

This pudding I have coated with several layers, including:

  • Coated tea
  • Egg layer
  • Layer of chocolate

In addition, this model desert can also serve as a hunger booster. Because inside the pudding there is a kind of carbohydrate content. Carbohydrate content is high, so this will make our stomach takes a long time if it is digested.


This is the shape of the pudding after being put in a cup and cooled in the refrigerator. You can see that there are dew on the outer side of the cup, because that looks very fresh.

Hopefully my children take him to school, and will be liked by his friends. Especially their teacher. Because this is part of maintaining the health of my own version. If you are interested in trying it out, I will share with you all the recipes.

Hope to add to your taste. Namaste



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