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Hello food lovers...

How are you all, may you get health and happiness in the world and the hereafter. I still as usual, will share recipes to those of you who love it. You definitely like to eat. So, so am I.


This one seafood, always a favorite of mine with family.


Simple food that does not take much time and is not complicated. I really intend to cook this for family, because they also love it. Actually capcai is very good at eating when it's hot, because it's still crunchy.


Capcay is a dish made using a variety of natural ingredients such as cauliflower and potatoes as well as in it there is also a seafood that is combined simultaneously cooked very beautifully.

While you are heating cooking oil, you can simply take the flour (I use seasoning flour sold in the market).

If you like to taste, then take a little garlic and crush it. Then you can put garlic that has been mashed into the spice.

Spice into two parts.

  • Part 1 is a flour dough
  • Part 2 is a dry seasoning flour (without water).

Then heat the cooking oil, dip the squid into the flour mixture, after soaking, then dip into the dry flour (without water). To make the outer side become more crisp.

Good luck




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