A Box of Popcorn on the Red Chair

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There is a distinctive taste when we enjoy a box of popcorn on a red chair, the scent that comes out from every corner of the cinema room has become a distinctive every movie screenings, every day.

That is why moviegoers in the cinema are prohibited from bringing in food from outside.


I never eat popcorn from outside the cinema, but it feels very different, I do not know why, whether the blend is different, or indeed there is a distinctive taste that is made by the cinema committee.

  • However, popcorn has been with me since the filming of the movie to the end.

Enjoying a box of popcorn when watching a movie is the most fun thing. Sometimes it often does not feel, that the popcorn box was empty, was finished in the meal, let alone with a friend.

I imagine being able to create popcorn with my own taste, but it requires a corn cooking machine, which I do not have. Although I buy, maybe the taste of corn will be different.


This is a story when I take a walk in the area of Malacca, I with a friend will watch a favorite movie, Spiderman Homecoming. That time.

You yourself must have imagined how it feels to watch a movie in the cinema. I do not actually go to the movies unless there is my favorite movie that will air. It's my story today, happy to share with you all. Best regards :)




mmm, that looks so good! (have fun watching the movie)

It's true @donnarodriguez, we always fun when enjoying the movie ;)

glad to hear you enjoyed it :)

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