Morning pie.

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Today though the day off, but I woke up as usual and decided to surprise your loved ones. And baked them a cake.
That's my today's cake turned out! To be honest, the recipe is called "I blinded him from what it was))) But very good)))

For the dough:

200 g curd, 200 g of yogurt, a Cup of sugar, vanilla, 2 eggs, 3 tbsp vegetable oil, pinch of salt, incomplete tsp. soda mixed with flour. Flour as much as take, the dough is like thick cream.

The form greased with vegetable oil. With a spoon put the dough. On top put chopped into several pieces, the halves of the peaches.

It turned delicious!!!


Great yummy surprise in the morning.

Thank You)))

That looks so yummy! Great job <3

I'm gonna have to
make some of this!

Great yummy!!! looks testy))

Looks pretty good!