Spring Cleanse Time Steemfam!

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Hey Steemfam!

Spring is officially here and boy can I tell you I’m so excited for it! Spring is the traditionally the time of year where we clean out things and make way for new growth. It’s also the best time of the year to do a cleanse. Most people focus on the liver, blood, stomach, and digestive tract. One organ that is often overlooked but very important to optimal health is your kidneys. So today I will be sharing with you an “easy peasy” cleanse that you can make with four inexpensive ingredients in about ten minutes.

Benefits of Doing A Kidney Cleanse:

For those of you who don’t know the kidneys are the organs that filter out waste in your blood, pass it out in the urine, then send fresh blood back to your heart. Pretty important stuff I would say. After time or eating processed foods your kidneys become sluggish and even toxic. Which can make us sick, can create kidney stones, and other diseases. So it's important for us to regularly do a cleanse and there is no better time than now.
Here are some of the results that people enjoy from doing it:

  1. More energy and vitality (do I really even need to keep adding after this guys?)
  2. A slimmer waist (all over actually) parsley aids in releasing of excess water and fluids.
  3. Lower blood pressure.
  4. Less joint pain or body aches.

Join Me

Today is Day 1 one on this cleanse for me. Who's wants to join in? Drop a comment below and let me know. I'll be sharing my results with you in the coming week and look forward to hearing about your results! This my first Dtube video and it was rather fun! Big thank-you's to my brother for producing and editing the video! If you have any feedback I am all ears! Have a great day!

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hey great information but may I know how many days do you do this for? :)


I plan to do it for a week. I'm currently on day 3 and feeling a lot more energy. I take some when I wake and just before bed. Hope you try it!

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This is great for all my alcoholic friends!!!

Hi there! I'm so happy I discovered your blog. I find it so interesting and I honestly do look forward to your future blog posts. You've got yourself a new follower!


Thank you for your kind words, they are inspiring! I'm still new to blogging and trying my hand at making videos now too. I saw your​ page and you have some great content too!!

I usually cleanse twice a year: once during summer and once in January. I'm actually thinking of doing a cleanse next week when I get back from holiday. Good luck and enjoy! ✨


Awesome let me know how it goes!! Have a great holiday! Should we be expecting a post on it?


Thank you! ✨
Yes, most definitely. I will keep you updated! :)

Looking forward to seeing/hearing the result.

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