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I am on a candy bar kick, evidently.

These mini Reese's eggs are a huge favorite in my house.

Of course, Reese's only puts these out in the stores around Easter. Well, I thought it would be good to get a jump start on ideas for this year's Easter celebration.

As of yet, we still do not get these in Chile. Maybe someday.

RECIPE available upon request

I hope you enjoyed the photos

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OMG ! Ilove Reece Peanut Butter Cups , I always buy the large packs of 4 ! Lol! And yours look even more delicous then theirs ! Mmmm ! Yummo ! 😋😋😋

I'd like to think mine are better than the ones made in a processing plant, but that is just me. Thanks so much for commenting Karen

Homemade is always better then processed ! 👍😉😋

I love the content of the post here and now I want chocolate to eat! :P

I've had to google Reese's! We don't have those here. Seems a bit like the peanut butter bites I've made. Yummie!

Thanks so much for your comment and your continued support. I greatly appreciate it

Crazy here of wanting some.. :(

Sorry about driving you crazy. Thanks so much for the comment!

hum muito bom eu gosto de alimentos feitos em casa é bem mais natural do que os fabricados em indústria,pois contém muito conservantes.

Wow! It looks delicious.Very tasty! ^.^

Thank you @madlenfox. thanks for commenting

Looks awesome. May I have one? lol

Drop by anytime!

Oh my...

Thank you for commenting @edgarstudio

I used to love these store brand treats as a kid, now they are waaay too sweet and sugary for me.

Look good though!

Thanks so much for commenting @strangearray, I really appreciate it

Looks very good!

Thanks so much!


Uhmmm, good post!

Thanks @sardrt