You had me at "banh mi"

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I'm moving to Vietnam next month and am there "checking it out" right now. So far I have just wandered around like a lost tourist because that is exactly what I am. I wouldn't say I have learned a great deal about the place because I have mostly not strayed more than a half kilometer from the beach (which is lovely, by the way.)

However, there is one thing that is impossible to miss and it is available just about everywhere on the side of the road and it is friggin' glorious.


I'm referring to the sub sandwich on the left and unless I am getting this totally wrong, "banh mi" is just the Vietnamese word for "bread."

it comes filled with a wide variety of things but that isn't the real star of the show here, the star is the bread itself which has this amazing crisp outside but a soft center. You can be guaranteed that the bread is fresh because they are selling these all day long.

We have the French colonists to thank for this wonderful ubiquitous food item as it was one of the influences they introduced during their occupation in the 19th century.


This is a different experience to Thailand (for me) because while we do have baguettes in Thailand, for the most part, the local people aren't terribly interested in it and therefore it is very expensive or poorly made, or both.

The last few times I was at a bahn mi stand on my street, most of the patrons were Vienamese and all of the options were 15,000 - 30,000 VND (60 cents to $1.20 or so.)


I've tried other traditional dishes but you can always lure me in with a baguette. Now that I know that this costs next to nothing I am even more inspired about my upcoming move to this area. I love the idea of knowing that I can basically get a mini "Subway" pretty much any time of day for next to no money.

I've been in Vietnam a grand total of 26 hours and I have had this to eat 4 times. I know this isn't exactly "diving into the culture" but there is plenty of time for that once I properly move here next month.

This, in my mind, is just another reason for people to not be afraid of visiting Vietnam, you will be able to get something to eat, even if you don't even know how to say anything at all in the local language. I have just been pointing and making grunting sounds (not really) and I always end up getting something that tastes great!


next to no money

!giphy cry

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That's the cost of all street food in thailand :D

this is true :)

You are killing me here!!! I am literally salivating at 8.13am in bed on a Saturday morning. Lol. This post is NOT good for the no carb, intermittent fasting bandwagon that I just jumped back on. Lol.

Ok so Vietnam.... another place we have on our travel list, so perhaps we will meet oneday afterall :)

Enjoy the "scout about"

yeah, well i am in the honeymoon period so of course I love everything... so far the low prices are reason enough to dig it here but the really big cities like Hanoi did not appeal to me at all.

Oh and if one of my post are making you.... the queen of food porn, hungry.... then i get a little piece of revenge. :P

hahaha at "the honeymoon phase"! Friends of ours visited there not so long ago and they also said the same thing. The "out of city" areas are beautiful and fantastic to explore, but the city areas were bedlam.

Oh and if one of my post are making you.... the queen of food porn, hungry.... then i get a little piece of revenge. :P

HAHAHAHHAA!!! I'll give you that one :D

You god damn degenerate. I don't wanna see posts about food, you cretin. All I've been able to eat today is a small bowl of chili. This is some soggy bullshit.

My goodness, food at it's classiest, "bah mi" I haven't been exposed to any foreign food but the bread here is something else Wow

Yeahhhh a banh mi is indeed as you say 'just' the word for a sandwich, but the reality is that they mostly with duck and pate and the most delicious sauce in there!

I would look like a baguette in no time as a crispy outside is my weakness. You had better get the chapter up and running soon as you are going to need the exercise. You have the two "B" s taken care of now with Beer and Baguettes. A little grunting can get you anything lol. Just have to find accommodation next.

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IN vn the people are known for the food and war.

That's great, A mini and economical subway right by your side. Cool! hope you'll have a warm welcome by the city. All the best for your new phase of life.

Is that coffee in the first pic? And what’s the ice for? If you find something good to eat, then nothing else matters! Haha. As long as they can make a cheesesteak.. 😜

You are going to have to quickly find a Hash Run group to get involved in if you are going to start eating all of those carbs! :) It sounds like you have narrowed in on the things that are important so far (food/beach). Good luck sorting all of the other stuff out as well. I have never had a Banh Mi, but I would love to try one someday. All of the places I see on the food network that make them look really great!

Haha! That's so funny sir gooddream but also a great feature of the culture there, very impressive. I hope you find many more things that are just as awesome!

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