Celebrating my birthday and turning younger 🎉

in food •  last year

I turned 10 years younger in a day! 🎉

Recently I, Suzanne, turned 32 and Mark suprised me with a lovely high tea at one of the cutest places in Amsterdam. Check out Gartine when you visit Amsterdam


In the evening we celebrated my birthday with family and friends and I decided to order a cake at the bakery. This bakery can perform miracles, because I turned 10 years younger this day 🎉


We had a great day celebrating my birthday and ofcourse the baker got a big kiss 😉

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Have a great day and remember.. Always GoCoconuts 😉

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Happy birthday :-)w


Happy birthday. You are as young as you want to be. You are forever young. Love the cake. Pass me over some. Delicious. Like you.


Cake is all in my belly :) Sorry for that haha
Thank you for the birthday wishes :)


ha ha.... awesome.... delicious... thanks

Happy birthday
You are looking young


Thank you :D Thats a great thing to say to a woman!

Happy birthday dear you know today is my daughter birthday for well, i wish you a very happy birthday♥♥♥


Thank you @injiskitchen. Congratulations to your daughter as well :)

happy birthday to you


Many thanks :)

Happy birthday :)
I turned 10 years younger in a day! 🎉 - Not something one gets to see everyday :P


The life of benjamin button ;) @aishwarya

Happy birthday @gococonuts!
The more grateful you are, the more abundant your life will become!


Now that is a great saying :) Love it!

Happy birth day and I think that bakery is best.
my up-voted for birthday gift.


Thank you

hey happy birthday @gococonuts Suzanne :)


Thank you, dear :)

LOL. congrats :)


Happy Birthday!! Fellow Cancer :D I'm assuming that's cheese cake. My favourite bithday cake!


Yeah, Cheesecake! You can wake me up for a piece 😀 Thank you @duanesworld

Happy birthday dear, wishing you many fulfilling years :)
More Life!


Thanks :) 🙌

Looks like a nice bday surprise! And 10 years younger, what a gift :)


The best a woman can get, right? 😀

Nog van harte gefeliciteerd!!