Scallop carpaccio with truffle oil

in food •  9 months ago

April 10th, 2018, Tuesday

Here is the dish I created last night , I would like to share that how I made it .

Step 1: Slice fresh raw scallops in to pieces , place into the plate flat .
Step 2: Add little salt, tariyaki souce , pepper, a little chopped green onion, coriander (optional) , red chilli powder (optional)

Step 3: Add truffle oil and squeeze some fresh lemon .

Voilà ! it’s very easy , simple , and soooooo delicious !!! A great appetizer dish you can make at home if you are a raw seafood lover :)


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Awesome Dish. Thanks for sharing . I will Try Myselsf

Not much of a seafood person but it does look good and looks very easy to make.

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