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Weight loss depends on several things a person does in his daily routine. Dieting is not starvation and absolute abstinence, but a person's ability to balance his diet by eating the right foods and the right amounts, as well as getting all the important nutrients for health and the body, So as not to lose the person's activity and energy necessary to do his daily work.

Black beans:

One cup of black beans contains 15 grams of protein and does not contain any saturated fat found in other sources of protein, such as red meat.
Oatmeal: It is a fiber-rich cereal; one meal helps to feel full all day and promotes metabolism in the body and burning fat.


It is not wrong to eat fat, especially if the right quality and health. Avocado, for example, contains oleic acid, a compound rich in unsaturated fat, which may help to reduce the feeling of extreme hunger, in addition to the ability to dissolve large fat in the region Abdomen, and it is rich in protein and fiber beneficial to the health of the body.


A type of fish rich in protein that helps to feel full without the need to add any kind of fat to him, and many nutritionists advise people to take it as an alternative to red meat and fatty.


It is a fruit useful to humans in many ways, especially in the fight against aging, in addition to it contains a large proportion of fiber, and a few calories, so it is one of the best foods in the diet because it helps to feel full, and lose weight.


A plant known for its importance to the overall health of the body, because of its many nutritional properties, in addition to its effectiveness in the process of weight loss because of its low calories and the presence of a large proportion of fiber in it.
Brown rice is one of the best substitutes for white rice because of its high fiber content, so nutritionists are advised to treat it moderately during dieting.


A fruit rich in fiber, studies indicate that eating three grains of it per day provides the body fiber recommended per person per day.


A high-fat nut that helps the person to feel full, and thus reduce the amount of calories consumed per day, thus losing weight faster; many nutritionists advise the person to eat almonds as a snack between the main meals to help reduce appetite and reduce The amount of food you eat.


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