Plant-Based Meat vs. Traditional Meat (Impossible Burger & Beyond Meat Review)

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Plant-based meat is a hot topic. Last year the Impossible Burger created a lot of buzz after they launched their product in a variety of restaurants around California.

The reason for this attention is due to the paddies being identical to meat. They bleed, they sizzle, and they smell like meat. There is quite some science that went into this new concept of grounded beef like experience.

Check out this 👉 article if you want to know more about the tech specs.

In my video, I focus on the experience and compare that with a traditional meat experience. I've also tried the Beyond Burger by Beyond Meat which is sold at Whole Foods. Similar idea; a plant-based meat product which is almost identical to real beef.

And where the Impossible Burger could pass a blindfold test, the Beyond Burger does taste a little bit different. It's the flavor specifically that gives it away. It's subtle, and it did not bother me one bit. But you do taste that you are not eating actual meat. Texture and mouthfeel are very meat-like.

And like I said in the video, I firmly believe that we are currently witnessing the beginning of a whole new way of dealing with vegetarian-friendly meat alternatives. Burgers are a great way to start with, and I'm confident that very soon we'll start to see other options as well.

What are some of your favorite plant-based meat alternatives🤓✌️

Article on Lab Grown Meat

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