Food: Bu Kulah (Rice wrapped in banana leaf)

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Hello friend steemian, how are you all and I'm sure you're fine, and on this occasion I want to introduce Acehnese special food, rice wrapped in banana leaf, or what is called in Aceh is Bu Kulah.


This rice is usually made when there are certain events and for example when commemorating the day of the Prophet Muhammad, customs, and other important events so this rice is very easy to meet during the event.

And taste problem and this is very different because the rice is wrapped in banana leaf has its own distinctive taste, so anyone who enjoys this rice wrap then I'm sure stout people who will be addicted and myself included.

And moreover the taste will increase when the rice is accompanied by special dishes from typical dishes of Aceh, so the pleasure increases and if you have not tried then this is a big loss.



So little about the information about rice wrap typical of Aceh Sumatra, and hopefully what I share this will be able to add new knowledge, especially about the uniqueness and differences that exist in Aceh Sumatra.

Thank you for seeing, and always keep going because I will always share about the uniqueness and infinite in my birthplace.


By: @fudin-jfr

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