To My Sweet Bunker Kitchen

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To my sweet Bunker Kitchen,

In the last two weeks I've gotten to know you. What started out as a place to cook for my family in the interim before our forever kitchen is finished, has actually turned into a place of new exploration and fun family memories. Already. With little effort. And I feel so blessed! Please hold on to your counter tops as I cook and bake more than I have for years!

Yours Truly,

Stacie D

So really, my sweet Bunker Kitchen has been an amazing, unforeseen treat! It was originally built as a temporary space in the corner of the basement. It's dark without any windows, only brightened by a florescent bulb hanging precariously from the unfinished ceiling, but yet it feels like home when I step into it. Everything I need is only inches from my fingertips. And although the oven/range acts up sometimes, I've managed to bake and cook wonderful meals and be creative again!

The kids have been a huge help. They wander in and start stirring or asking questions...and before I know it they are making dinner with me! Honestly, they should be helping every time. That's really the best way to learn, and then it would natural for them to help me if I need it. For example, there was one instance when I was trying to make dinner and bake a time crunch. I have, on occasion, been known to bite off more than I can chew and not ask for help. But, I could see the spiral I was going down so I called in our oldest...because well, I've called on him a lot in his short life haha, and I asked him to keep stirring so I could shape out the bagels. Then it turned into him making the sauce. And then finally he said, "So you just need me to take over on dinner?" Haha...turns out I did! It would have been easier to realize that in the beginning...but alas. I'm thankful I can count on them to show up.

I'm also thankful that during this transition of starting a new homestead, that I have a place inside, already set up. Our first homestead had me making dinner over a fire for a very long time. We definitely built character then, and I wouldn't have the appreciation I do now for where we are. In fact, if you would of told me 2 years ago that this where we would live, my mind would have been blown! God is so good, and he takes care of us everyday!

Thanks for sharing this with me!

Much love,
Stacie D

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