Veggie Couscous

in #food4 years ago

Hey Steemian,

Long time, no steeming...sorry for that, but my bakery takes all my time (even my sleeping hours). I'm not complaining about it, thank God it's working, but sometimes I just need some time...Hard to be an entrepreneur, but it's kind of beautiful.
So, I don't spend so much time cooking for myself or at home, but I do miss a good salad. That's why today I made this: a veggie couscous.
You will need:
couscous boiled
spring onion
lots of parsley
some harissa paste
sun dried tomatoes
red pepper
some pomegranate seeds

You can find these ingredients usually in my fridge. And also, some eggs...and a lot of cheese. Cheese saved my life...
All you have to do is mix them, add some olive oil, salt and pepper. And if you are lucky enough, some black chilli. It's by far my favorite!



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