Dulce de leche

in #food5 years ago

Hey Steemian,

The recipe for today is about what kept me alive and energized these days, after coffee, of course. Coffee is my first love! I have a lot going on in my life: I had to move in a new flat (very hard to find one in Bucharest), a lot of work with my bakery (that’s why I’ll miss Steemfest this year 😞)
Busy times call for tons of sugar. So, I thought I should make some dulce de leche. Cuz why not? I need some energy...


350 ml condensed milk (canned and sweetened)

You need water and a pot. Pour into the pot water just to cover the can of milk.
Boil on a low heat for about 2-2.30.
The only thing to be careful about is to add boiled water constantly. The can might explode if it doesn’t have enough water.

And that’s it!

Now, I’m going back to my home decoration.
I’ll come back with updates about my new home ❤️



Sound so easy and tasty!! :)

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