Vegetarian Hamburger

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Vegetarian Hamburger a simple and tasty recipe for everyone, I tried to simplify this recipe and I was surprised at the end I recommend you try it too. Thank you for your support.


Ingredients. quinoa bio, zucchini, eggs, spices,

-quinoa bio


For hamburger I use quinoa bio, zucchin, chickpeas I used an egg and spices only with these ingredients I made the hamburger and I used a little breadcrumbs until I had the homogeneous composition after which I made the desired shape, and I fried them in oil to moderate fire.


After I took bread I cut it in two and I added to toster to fried, then I added mustard after which the hamburger is added keceap, and salad, if we can add a fried egg and a little cheese if we want, I preferred this recipe.






I'm waiting for your comments. Thank you again


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Egg is non vegetarian


Now it depends on everyone's opinion, I knew if you were Vegan then I could not eat eggs. I think the main thing in this discussion is not to kill and eat meat of animals and birds. I wish a nice day

This is nice.
You've done a great job.


Muy apetitiva a esa hamburguesa amigo... Buenas. Provecho


Thank you Amigos..

Delicious recipe.


Thank you for the delicious cake @food-creator


with pleasure

It looks delicious!