The properties of ginger for the body

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Ginger root is a well-known health miracle, remedying everything from inflammation to cancer and diabetes, and if you know it can also improve brain activity, in our demanding world, cognitive abilities are essential and fortunately ginger is an ally prominent in search for increased memory and mental clarity, and more, it plays a significant role in protecting against oxidative stress and neurological diseases, it can be drunk in the form of morning tea on the empty stomach, it can add a little lemon and a little Honey.Thank you for your support and I wish you the best of everyone in the Steemit community.


As a functional food, ginger is hardly surpassed all over the world as a delicious culinary ingredient and has a long list of records of healing benefits, for example.

Ginger was shown as a miracle of the nature of specialists.

  • Reduces pain
  • prevents diabetes
  • losing cancer
  • cure bacterial and fungal infections
  • Inflamed by inflammation
  • heal the nausea
  • Reduces the effects of toxic chemicals
  • treats non-alcoholic liver disease, non-alcoholic liver steatosis
  • protects against radiation
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • defend against the risk of stroke
  • stop migraines


Current research has shown that ginger can help you become smarter and can protect you against neurological disorders, and brain augmentation, and evidence-based research and complementary research have found that middle-aged women who eat ginger improve their ability cognitive, sixty healthy participants randomly received either a placebo or standardized ginger extract.400 and 800 mg once a day for two months, and the volunteers were evaluated one month and two months later by cognitive memory and cognitive tests , those who received the extract showed a significant increase in memory, while the oxidative stress was reduced, knowing it was a miraculous natural rimedium.


One study found that ginger root helps to reduce the neurotoxicity of monoglutamate sodium and after male albino guinea pigs received a daily 4 mg body weight of MSG for thirty days, a significant decrease in epinephrine and norepinephrine together with dopamine and serotonin neurotransmitters and when given an injection of 100 mg ginger root extract for the same period, hormones and neurotransmitters significantly increased then the researchers found that when both were administered simultaneously, the extract diminished the harmful effects of MSG - and leading the team of researchers to conclude that ginger acts as a powerful protective agent and excitotoxin - MSG - is linked to - Alzheimer's - Multiple Sclerosis, and Parkinson's disease - Autism and Attention Deficit Disorder , very interesting, as the fight with cognitive decline due to age or with toxic food additives, Ginger can be said to be an extremely protective root. Including it in your daily diet is a powerful health affirmation, which is very important, you can use it as a tea spice or as an extract to help protect the health of your brain and nerves now and on future.


If you read this article and you will definitely put it into practice, you will be much healthier and more energetic. Thank you.


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Thank you so much @food-creator for sharing this valuable information with us. You are right Ginger is very important thing for our health. I never ever make my morning and evening tea ☕ without Ginger. 😊 I also use ginger in my daily cooking. As you know ginger is one of the important spice in Indian kitchen(Indian cooking)

Thank you for your comments, I know you use a lot of spices in Indian cuisine. I like it very much. all the best

Ginger is also useful for losing weight

So it is thanks to the information brought to it I wish all the best ..