Tagliatelle with peppers and walnut kernel.

in #food6 years ago (edited)

Hi! today I cook a simple vegetarian recipe, full of scents and flavors of fresh greens for 15 minutes cooking, I hope you try it too.


The ingredients:
-Green goat
-Soy Worcester
-Soy sauce


Add a little olive oil, add the finely chopped garlic and cut carrots and add the pepper and pepper, and leave for a while, add the soy sauce and worcester sauce, and leave to cook for another 5 minutes.




After cooking the carrot and pepper, add the Tagliatelle and stir for another 5 minutes in medium heat, then add the walnut kernel and leustean, and serve lunch, or even dinner accompanied with a glass of red wine.


A tasty and easy cooking recipe, I wish you success and I hope you will try and thank you.



this vegan pasta 🍝 looks really great 👍 ENJOY and have a beautiful day, GREETINGS!

Thank you and I wish you a great day.

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