Potato egg salad vegetarian

in #food6 years ago

Egg potatoes salad with fresh vegetables in the garden, a simple and tasty recipe, this recipe deserves to be tried. Thank you for your support.



-red onion
-yellow onion
-pepper chilli
-olive oil


This recipe is ready in max. 20 minutes, initially clean the cubes to the carrot and then boil, put the eggs to boil after about 15 minutes of thinking began to boil water, control if your potatoes boiled, you should not let it boil any more, after adding a bowl and cutting the pepper, onion, pepper and sprinkling olive oil and salt, just as I told you to make this recipe, add potatoes to the plate clean the eggs and serve ..



A wonderful and simple recipe

In culinary art we have to use our imagination and we will definitely make wonderful recipes, I expect your comments. a pleasant day for everyone ..


So simple and healthy recipes @food-creator looks yummy 😋 thank you for sharing I will try 👍

Thank you mrunalina

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