linguine with broccoli and parmesan cheese

in #food6 years ago


Linguine with broccoli and Parmesan, a simple and tasty recipe, cooking time of max 10 minutes.


-Parmesan cheese
-Olive oil extra vergin


Cooking time max. 10 minutes from the moment the water started to boil, add the linguines and at the same time add the broccoli and let them cook for 8 minutes, the baking time, squeeze the excess water and mix it gently who can add parmegiano, can serve his lunch supper depends on you .. thank you for the support ....



I wish you success in the art of vegetarian cooking ....


that looks delicious

Im Hungry ...

You ever try vegan meatballs? They are really good and add nicely to any pasta dish! Thanks for making me hungry now I want baked ziti lol!

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