Eggplants in the oven with rice.

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Today I cook an eggplant in the oven with three kinds of cheese, red and green olives and rice a tasty and simple recipe, as they say a few ingredients, and an extraordinarily good taste at the end. thank you for your support.



-Cherry tomatoes
-Smoked cheese
-Olive oil
-Green olives


First we wash the eggplants, then cut some thicker slices, add it on a tray, add a little olive oil and put them in the oven at a temperature of 200 degrees for 10 minutes, then take them out and add the cheese to them I cut the tomatoes and the olives and add a little salt, put them back in the oven at the same temperature for 25 minutes, add the cooked rice in between, add some other types of olives to this recipe capers. I hope you use this recipe and assure you that you will not be disappointed. I wish you success in cooking.







When I finish with the recipe add a little Oregano for a more enjoyable taste, this recipe can be a family lunch or a romantic dinner.



Hey @food-creator ! Nice post. Following, up voted and resteemed.

Thank you for resteemed surely I will surely follow your page on the steemit

i love Eggplant i will try !!

Glad you like. This recipe is very tasty.

Dip them in eggs and fry them only. Taste good as it is. Adding other items might upset your stomach. Also, the cheese gets wasted.
So please be careful and good luck with your cooking.

I do not agree with you what you have written to me, I sincerely liked it, and are made in the oven not fried in oil, we must avoid eating fried as much as possible, that's why our stomach hurts. I honestly liked it. I honestly learned to cook in Italy and I think Italy is very good in culinary art. have a nice day.

Understood. I was just afraid of excess cheese.
And thank you for replying back. I am assured.
Also about the frying part is a different recipe my family does. Just thought you would try them too. Apologies if offended. Just was concerned.

How to be offended I'm a peaceful person, everyone is free to say their opinion so I think I will definitely try and the recipe you have proposed to me, thank you once again I will definitely watch your posts. Good day I wish you and success in what you do well I wish you.

The freedom to say something to someone seems extraordinary to me.

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