Breakfast and fruit salad.

in food •  3 months ago

Today I made a breakfast and fruit salad, simple and tasty and full of vitamins and very savory, I hope you cook this wonderful recipe. Thank you for your support.





Fruit salad is very simple to do; wash all the fruits cut into slices and add to the bowl, add a little orange juice and a little honey and we have a tasty salad.


For sandwich I used butter, melted cheese, tomatoes, salad and an egg, and so breakfast is served. Simple to do as I was saying.


I wish you a good craving whenever you cook at breakfast.



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If only I ate fruits 😨😨

lovely salad! I also love to add lemon juice and stevia instead of orange and honey! maybe try it and let me know what you think of it!


Thank you for the information I certainly will try, all the best, thank you.

Wow !!!! what a healthy breakfast friend 👍 enjoy thank you for your upvote 😊


Thank you very much, I greatly appreciate that you like what I do, I wish you a lot of joy and happiness.

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