Apples and its benefits ..

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Eat whole apples for better health while apple sauce and apple juice contain some valuable vitamins and antioxidants, apples eaten in their natural form will give you a much larger mix of nutrients and fiber and this is more important for a great number of reasons and for example, apples are fiber-rich foods and many health benefits, including heart, offered by a type of fiber called pectin, and in reality apples contain only about two or three grams of fiber and even if it is a modest amount of pectin, it has a strong impact on our health, because of its interaction with other apple phytonutrients, apples in some recent laboratory animal studies, the decrease in whole blood fat from the blood, was reduced when apples were only replaced with pectin, so in short, it is not only the apple fiber that explains the cardiovascular benefits but interacts fiber and other phytonutrients of this wonderful, very interesting fruit, and also studies show that a whole meal consumed before eating can result in 15% less calories and an effect that has not been associated with apple juice and also the consumption of an apple, gives a greater sense of satiety after a meal, to know it and it is ..


Some people should consume apples in moderation fructose, a type of sugar, is linked to many chronic health problems if it is consumed in excess and I think it is best to limit to 25 grams a day or less to 15 grams a day if you have resistance to insulin or leptin, and the whole consumed apples, contain a high amount of fructose, about 9.5 grams in a medium-sized apple and apple juice contains much more, and this is another reason to consume them their natural, and primarily apple fructose, are more likely to contribute to weight gain and insulin resistance, in the latter case they will safely fill the glycogen deposits in the muscles or burn directly in time what do we do and if you have insulin resistance or leptin resistance, overweight, diabetic, hypertensive, or high cholesterol, then it would be advisable to limit your intake to about 15 grams a day, which would be equivalent to consumption of about one apple and if you are not resistant to insulin or leptin, ie you have normal weight without diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol and you will regularly engage in intense physical activity or manual labor, then high fructose intake is unlikely to cause health problems, we need to have little care ..


What should I look for in an apple and because much of the antioxidant content of a mar is found in the bark, it would be good not to peel it is good just to wash the apple and eat it as it is from this reason, looking to buy organic apples that will be free of pesticides and other chemicals, and apples are the fruit with the highest number of pesticides, if you plan to eat more apples, be organic and if you buy conventional apples, short soaps in a solution of 10 percent vinegar to 90 percent water can help to eliminate some pesticides and bacteria that we know must be left or washed very well and keep in mind that many pesticides are lipophilic, the deep fruit or vegetable surface in minutes, if you have your own apples, you can integrate high-performance farming techniques that will radically increase the nutrient content and also eliminate virtually any diseases such as apples be protected.
Recommendations and when choosing apples do not choose bright and beautiful apples on the outside, look for the smallest and most prickly ones are more likely to be natural and keep apples at 4 degrees C to keep them in its natural form, protect apples cut or hit, by immersing in one solution one citrus juice and three parts water.


I hope this article will be of use, I expect your comments .. thank you for your support ..

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the apple is a beautiful fruit with unique qualities


yes . Thank you very much ..

Really informative article friend @food-creator
Thank for sharing 😊


Thank you very much for the comment, she said nicely.

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