Delicious golden caramelized onions the smart way!

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Caramelized/pan fried onions make everything better.

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Sure, they won't guarantee universal world peace, but they do make the world a better place. 

However, there's one thing about them that just sucks - the dreaded prep. I mean I'd love to have some on my sandwich, but while grabbing a slice of bread, smearing butter over it and throwing a couple of slices of ham on top is easy-peasy, when you add peeling and chopping an onion to it it all becomes... not worth the effort.

And that's just missing out on life.

The solution is super easy, but does require some prep. Now stop complaining, no one said life is gonna be easy, ok?

My way: 

  • Buy no less than 2 kg (that's 4 lbs, you weirdos) of nice big onions. Or small and ugly ones, if you like it the hard way. Wait for your favourite TV show, like it's the 80's :D
  • Peel and chop the sh*t out of them. I like half slices.
  • Pour an insane amount of vegetable oil into a huge pan. Oh, you don't own a huge pan?

  • Now just fry'em up. Don't be a baby. You need to stir them frequently, so that show you're watching better not be too too addictive. Hint - they're less awesome when they're charred. You can salt them. I do.
  • Once they look roughly like in the photo above  - this will take time, count one hour on medium low heat - turn the heat off and let them cool down. 
  • Notice the sad amount of onions you're left with.

Here's where the smart begins. Of course you can shove them in your mouth, because they really do look and are delicious, but my idea is to put them in ziplock bags, flattening them to, say, 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch. And to freeze them. Ta da!

Call me Einstein.

Now each time you want some lovely golden (or brown/black, depending on your stirring skills) onions in your dish you just break off a piece! Don't worry, since the water content is very low they're not frozen solid and are easy to handle. They also last a very long time, since you just need a little and made an awful lot. 

I toss them in my scramble, into soups, omelettes, potatoes, casseroles... the list goes on and on. And since you already forgot that peeling chopping and frying mayhem you can enjoy them effortlessly :) They add that lovely delicious flavour that just changes your ordinary food into pure deliciousness.

So, do you like my onions?


Kasia @fluff

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I want it :))

Going to follow because onion.

I confirm they're delicious! :)