What to eat when you are at a restaurant?

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When we’re getting ready to go out, there are many times when we have to face some quite unpleasant situations. There are moments when we just don’t know what should we dress like, what’s the perfect place to consider, what food to eat and so on and so forth… Well, today we’re talking about what one should eat when at a restaurant. I’m not talking from a merchandiser’s point of view, I’m strictly talking about the normal stuff which one should not think about.


Many times, solving key situations are like those live improvisations (decisions are taken quickly exactly like they are thought of on the moment). In that moment (when we’re at a restaurant and we have to choose one food course) we consider that others’ help (more precisely, the waiter’s help) is the ideal solution. But many times, in time, we realize that the solution we picked was not quite that ideal as we thought. How many of us got this following answer at the question: “What food course do you recommend?”

“What could we recommend you as long as we don’t know your wishes, your pleasures, your passions? The only one who could make a recommendation is you. With a little study or information, depending on your wishes or your pleasures, you can pick exactly what suits you best. Don’t hesitate in taking part and search for yourself for the things you’re looking for.”

Personally, I have never received such an answer. Moreover, I never heard nobody, never, receiving such a suggestion. Honestly, if I would’ve been in such a circumstance. I would think things through twice. I think that the main idea of the above example is as suitable as it can be (pursuant to the reason’s principles and requirements). As a consequence, the rationale statements will always be in the receiver’s advantage. Let’s detail things more:

You’re at the restaurant, with the menu in front of you. You haven’t made your mind up yet. You want to order something, but you simply cannot find your inspiration. You don’t know what to pick… So you ask yourself: “Should I go after what the waiter recommends? Should I directly ask him, with no shame, what he would recommend me?” Be sure that in most cases (if you’re not a constant client) you’ll be suggested to go for the house’s specialty or anything else which will not be quite cheap. Let’s be a little like a smartass: if the waiter’s suggestion is way too expensive, I advise you to ask him if there are also studio apartments in the menu. If the prices are so exaggerate, at least you’ll know what you’ve paid for. The waiter will certainly understand the irony… It won’t be very pleasant at first, but this is exactly your aim: to treat him with the same respect he gave you.

If you’ll ask: “What do you recommend?”, you think the waiter will fully satisfy your gastronomical wishes? I, for one, am certain that he won’t, on the contrary! Basically, a waiter’s suggestions are doubtful… Exceptions would the funny ones:

A lady at the restaurant:
-Waiter, why does my coffee smell like a penis?
The waiter approaches, smells it and answers:
-Madame, before I answer your question, let’s have a little test:
Please hold the cup with your other hand and tell me if you still feel something.

-Wow! Fantastic! The smell is gone!

No matter what the waiter is like ( a scam or an honest man), the rightest suggestion can be made only when a direct dialogue takes place- a dialogue which analyzes all the suitable possibilities. You don’t have to panic if you see on the menu some foods you haven’t heard of before. It’s enough to know how to explain what you want to eat and, depending on your preferences, the waiter will give you a more detailed presentation of similar foods existing in the menu. If you want to try new things, you should definitely follow your own instinct. Be careful what you choose, though! My advice would be to ask the waiter for as much details as possible about the ordered foods.

If you want to go to a restaurant where you haven’t been before, it’s best advisable to make your own research first. For instance, it would only take five minutes to look on the internet for some info regarding certain restaurants or details related to certain foods.

Nowadays, we can find almost anything online. We just need a little involvement and some more wish to document ourselves.

Some years ago, when I was younger, I forgot to document myself, that is it didn’t interest me what is good to eat at a restaurant and something which shouldn’t have happened to me happened. But as we all got to learn and we are still learning from our own mistakes, I, on my turn, also dealt with it… I was quite uninspired back then, but that was the situation. Actually, things happened like this:

I went with my girlfriend to a Chinese restaurant, I randomly ordered a food which I had no idea about and…what do you know? I got the most horrific soup that I wouldn’t be needing any more Chinese for another 6 whole months. Most likely, there were others in my exact situation… I would definitely feel bad to know that there weren’t. Either way, the idea is that in the menu the food’s details were written in Chinese. More by token, a very beautiful and easy to understand language ( excuse my irony, but I just couldn’t help it). In that day, we were like quite the ambitious the both of us. None of us had asked some info on the specific details described there. We were full of ourselves. This is what happens at any relationship’s beginning: “You act like you know everything.”

The soup I ordered I couldn’t even feed it to the ducks. Whatever, let’s pass this example which shouldn’t even be considered and let’s focus on the concrete conclusion which says:

Any time you need help, turn to what “tools” you have at your disposition. Smartphone is the most useful device which has ever existed. The internet can many times help you go out of any embarrassing circumstances. A simple Google search on the matter regarding “where can you eat well” (in your town) and you easily find all the necessary details. So, eat well to live well!

“A little involvement combined with a little documentation will make your restaurant evening a true delight.”

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