Food as a memory to home (or when your inner fatty comes out to play)

in food •  2 years ago

Today I was exploring phuket with my scooter and saw a sign. "Treffpunkt" is said. Wondering why I am able to read thai and understand thai suddenly, I realized it was a german resteraunt.

They served a lot of different cordon bleus, meatballs and german sausages.



Not able to decide what I want I just got 2 meals.

I was planning to get the rest as take away and have it in the evening but not even one of those carrots pieces got spared.

The meat balls and fried potatoes reminded me a lot of the cooking of my grandmother and therfore at home.

It was the first time into my journey I had a small touch of homesickness.

I am still totally stuffed and will fall into a food coma pretty soon, after I made some calls.

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wow..the food looks delicious..i am feeling like


American here living in Hua Hin Thailand. I love to see posts about this country try and keep learning. Following you now.


thx a lot. I will try to delvier :-)

Nice meals, I'm hungry now :D


I am sry ;-)

The food looks delicious, love the fact you got both meals haha :)


yes really was very good.

not so sure about eating both atm but it just felt so right and so wrong at the same time I had to go for it

I need to go here some day !


if you have the chance, yes defently

This is making me hungry at this time of the day, lol.


I cant believe I am writting this but I am getting hungry again

that looks absolutely delicious ;)


tasted at least so good as it looked

You are making me hungry :D

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