My Vegan lunch at "Veggie Garden" (Barcelona, Spain)! #24

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Hi my foodies!

After sharing with you My fantastic Lebanese dinner at "El Barroco" (Cadaqués, Spain)! #23, I share My Vegan lunch at "Veggie garden"!

I am 30 years old and I am "multi intolerant" to gluten, glucose, lactose, baking powder, cocoa, caffeine, alcohol ... I can not eat much or not at all for some foods... Crazy life, right?! 😅

But, I will prove to you that it is possible to have food intolerances and to eat healthy and tasty things! I want to share with you my gastronomic discoveries and recipes compatible with a "special diet" or simply with a "normal diet" (amazing, no ?!). Even if you are not intolerant, taking care of your body and diet is necessary to make you feel good ... 😋

🌱 My Vegan lunch at "Veggie Garden" 🌱

The Veggie Garden philosophy:

We create vegan food with substance, colours and flavors. Our inspiration comes from a blend of cultures, especially from Nepal, the surrounding countries and Mediterranean cuisine. Our varied, tasty and nutritious dishes often differ from those you might find in a traditional vegan restaurant. We are in no doubt you’ll enjoy a meal with us!

I found this vegan restaurant thanks to "Happy Cow".

If you do not know yet the application "Happy Cow", I recommend it because it is a great help when traveling and looking for a vegan or vegetarian restaurant! In a few seconds, this application geolocates you and show you all vegan, vegetarian restaurants around you. There are the coordinates of the restaurant, the distance to where you are, schedules, photos ... Happy Cow is my best friend XD!

This restaurant attracted me when I saw the photos of the colorful walls as you can see in these photos!

This place is cozy, simple and convivial, where you feel good. When you pass in front, you want to stop there, even if you are not vegan ^^.

The menu is in several languages (Spanish, Catalan and English). They have a multitude of choices of starter, dishes, dessert and fresh juice. I did not know what to choose because everything looks delicious!
You can choose according to gluten free and dairy free options.

I decide to chose the menu of the day with starter, main course, dessert and drink for only 9.25 euros! it is really cheap for fresh and quality products!

  • First, I ordered the Salad of the day! It was fresh and light, that's good because it was a hot day in Barcelona. =)

  • For the main course, I tested the broccoli and leek quiche with dried tomato sauce and coleslaw salad. This quiche does not really look like the French version but it is much lighter! Congratulations to the chef for this great job!

  • For dessert, the best part of lunch ^^, I choose the Apple Crumble! So yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy =D

In summary, if you want to discover a good vegan restaurant in Barcelona, I recommend The Veggie Garden 200%! The service is fast, the food is fresh&good and the decoration is just fantastic! You will not be disappointed friends, word of flamingo ^^.

📌 Contact:


Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 602
08007 Barcelona

+34-933 04 39 53

From Mondays through Sundays
from 12:30 to 23:00

I hope you enjoyed reading my article.
If you want to know more about my last culinary discoveries, click on the link:

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See you soon for a new culinary discovery my friends! <3

🎀 FlaminGirl 🎀 with love ...

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Happiness is to find a vegan restaurant in travel.

Hmmm so delicious food , thank you . Keep good work .

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @flamingirl

Nice sun glass!

the picture was great and surely the taste more

Oh, after all these diet restrictions, you still managed and made an amazing schedule and framework for the foodie stuff and in my opinion the vegan idea is so amazing and whatever stuff we are watching on these plates, literally speaking every stuff and dish is reflecting as an artistic piece created by the great artist (Chef), and in my opinion when we eat those foodie stuff which really appeal us then that gives so amazing feeling in our tummy, and i want to eat something delicious stuff after watching all these pieces. And thanks for reference of this amazing place and what i like about this place is, the artwork on the walls, and it making this place so natural and also reflecting as food is speaking.

And literally speaking the Black Menu Board reminding my school days and those classes which we will never going to see again and those days were really golden days means literally those days were crazy. I hope that you really enjoyed all these dishes.

Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

hopefully thats food was delicious!!

That's so great! The interior is really cute, typical for a vegan/vegetarian restaurant. Indeed though, the French quiche is quite different. And thanks for sharing the app with us! :)

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This.. I want to eat this.. I'd drink a Berliner Weisse with it.


What kind of beer is a Berliner Weisse ?

Lebaneese food is sp yummi. All their small cute dishes with alot of flavours. Yummi.

We had a lebaneese restaurant in oslo before. Guess it closed.

Wow, that restaurant looks so colorful and the food looks healthy. I love the fact that is in Gran Via, so pretty handy. I would love to come down and check it out. Thanks very much for sharing it with us.

Thank you for the tip! I'll be in Barcelona in two weeks for a couple of days and I was not so sure about the restaurants. I will definitely visit this one!

Thank you for the tip! I'll be in Barcelona in two weeks for a couple of days and I was not so sure about the restaurants. I will definitely visit this one! I am happy that even people with multiple intolerances can get good food in Barcelona!

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This food looks good... I must go there too one day :) I hope day was fun there.


I hope too! Barcelona waiting for you my friend =D Have a nce day!


Thank you!!! ... But this Barcelona city ... is an expensive place :)) or how is there in local markets ? A lot good fresh food.

Wow, looks so appetizing, and not expensive at all! If there are more places like The Veggie Garden in Barcelona, it'll has to be my next vacation destination!

I love the app Happy Cow too, last year I was in New York, and found so many great places using the app. Without it, I'd never found the amazing vegan restaurants/cafes I visited! :)