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Dear steemians,

My name is Marie, I am 30 years old and since 2 months, I have a multiples food intolerences: gluten, glucose, lactose, baking powder, cocoa, caffeine, alcohol ...

I decided to write a series of blogs about Vegan Restaurants in Barcelona. But also in all the cities I will visit. I want to share with you these culinary discoveries.

I tested my first vegan restaurant and loved it!

I found the Veggie Garden on Trip Advisor and it was 14 minutes walk from my house!

I arrived at 8 pm for dinner and the restaurant was almost full. it's a good sign in general ;). And I was not disappointed!

First, the decor is colorful and the atmosphere warm. This place is cozy, simple and convivial, where you feel good. When you pass in front, you want to stop there, even if you are not vegan ^^.
There is an outside terrace overlooking a quiet little street. Inside, there are 2 floors, but I prefer to stay down as it is less noisy :).

The restaurant menu is in several languages (Spanish, Catalan and English). They have a multitude of choices of starter, dishes, dessert and fresh juice. I did not know what to choose because everything looks delicious.
I decide to chose the menu of the day with starter, main course, dessert and drink for only 9.25 euros! it is really cheap for fresh and quality products!

my starter: cream soup of vegetables

my dish: crêpe of broccoli and seasonal vegetables

my dessert: Apple crumble

The service is really fast! I waited only 5 minutes between each dish! This is ideal if you want to eat quickly during your break lunch for example.

I loved this restaurant and I returned today to taste their salad. This salad was amazing, I will be back! :)

I hope you've enjoyed this blog! See you soon for a new food experience !!!!!! 😎



Yum! That food looks great :D Good luck on your vegan journey. It's the best thing I've ever done with my life!

Thank you so much @everydayvegan ! It's not a real choice but I think it's a good thing in the end ;)

That place looks super amazing & you look really healthy. I've heard our food intolerances come from the fact our food is so heavy with pesticides. I could be wrong though. For me at the moment I'm battling heavy metal poisoning, which makes it hard to digest & makes me more sensitive to certain foods. This is all very inspiring & I agree with the vegan lifestyle ^_^

Thank you so much for your reply @kaykunoichi !
We never make mistakes when we pay attention to our health. it is the base of everything ! and I learn every day to feed myself in the right way. I do not claim 100% vegan at the moment because it would be lying. I keep consuming eggs and seafood sometimes, for example. But I have decreased my consumption considerably since I inquired about the negative effects on health. ;)
Have a good healthy day my friend ! :)

@flamingirl welcome to STEEMIT and yes the restaurant looks like a great place to try out. I am not Vegan but I am eating more and more of a plant based diet lately and it is really much better for me.

A whole plant based diet is amazing ! I've never felt so good since I've let go of animals products ;)

No wonder you're farting glitter ^_^

That was a good one ^^

really ? seafood too?

Seafood too ... I guess in your case you would lose your natural pink color ;p

Me tooo!in 3 years of being strict vegan I can honestly say I feel great. All my blood work is good as well - no deficiencies of anything rather the opposite, everythings pretty excellent!

Thanks @synrg for sharing your experience! It was your choice ?

Yes it was my choice prompted by feeling gross and bloaty from eating cheese/eggs.

I was vegetarian at the time... and even though I was really, really physically active, I found I was putting on kilograms... I had already quit alcohol so my forming 'beer belly' was alarming. Eventually I said 'fuck it' and went vegan. And now even with less physical activity than before I have no problem good body weight. So the decision was somewhat of a health issue but also underlying that I had a real issue with the whole using of animals for our own benefit.

Two documentaries(among many others) that had a big impact on my views are Earthlings and (not really a documentary) and Gary Yourofsky's The Best Speech You'll Ever Hear. There are many vegans who have gone vegan overnight after watching either one of these. For others like me they planted seeds that took a while to grow because for some that's the way that change happens. Anyways thanks for the series on vegan restaurants! I always love to check out vegan places whenever I can and always love to see the cool vegan dishes that people come up with from around the world! When people laugh at vegans eating rabbit food it's like yeah right 😂 It's 2017 people!!

😅 😅 😅 😅 😅
Thanks for your reply and your personal experience !
Do you know "happy cow" ??? it's an amazing free apps !!!!

yes I know - I told you about it :P

thanks @stokjockey ! ;) Here do you live ?
What is the difference between vegan and plant based diet ?

@flamingirl I am glad you asked.....Someone who eats a plant based diet may be a vegetarian or vegan or they may not be. A whole food plant based diet is based on a majority of whole plant foods but may include a very small amount of meat, fish or eggs.

I live in Arizona.......

thank you for your reply ! sounds good ! I should test ;)
Arizona it's a bit far to come to test this restaurant :D

Also plant based tends to revolve around diet whereas vegans abstain as much ad possible/practicable from ALL animal products, not only limited to food. I.e vegans will opt to avoid leather shoes/bags etc.

Ok. Thank you for the clarification. I understand better the distinction now 😊

I have gone vegetarian within the last month (so not as extreme as you), but you seem to know how to make the most out of the food available. Looks yummy. Also, no caffeine - how do you survive?

Luckily, I only drank tea !!!! :)

the most difficult for me is stop cheese and bread (I am French, so... :D)

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Looks like a great vegan restaurant! Wish you all the best of luck on your vegan journey... I have been a vegan for about 4 years now and wouldn't change it for the world :)

Thank you so much my vegan friend ! ;)

You are welcome my fellow vegan friend :)

Oh, looks wonderful! I always planned on visiting Veggie Garden when I was in Barcelona, but for some reason I never went. I will definitely have to try it next time I'm in the city :) Are you living in Barcelona? I think there are a lot of vegan restaurants or restaurants with vegan options there, last time I went I was still only vegetarian and transitioned to vegan a while after - but there are definitely a lot of vegetarian options. I personally love Maoz Falafel and ate it at least twice a week :P

Yes I live in Barcelona for 1 month! it is an incredible city! Thanks to a stimmian, I discovered this applicaiton: "happy cow". It is free and allows you to see all vegans / vegetarian restaurants around you !!! I will use it right now and continue my discovery! Maoz Falafel is in my list !!! ;)

Thank you for your comment and if you come to Barcelona, would you be interested in a meeting ????? I will organize one soon !!!

Lucky you, Barcelona is my favourite city in the world! Happy Cow is a great app! ^_^ I would love to do a meeting but I won't come to Barcelona in the next year because I'm currently doing an exchange in California.

it seems like you enjoyed your trip and food looks great.. glad that you enjoyed yourself..

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