“Life's too short. Start with Dessert!”_ Barbra Streisand

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Do you believe it if I tell you that this dessert is 100% gluten&dairy free ???
It's the best dessert whole plant diet, gluten free and dairy free that I tested in my life!
"Flax & Kale Passage" is located in Sant Pere Més Alt street, within Ciutat Vella district in Barcelona. This restaurant opened in December 2017 and all their desserts and ice-creams are daily housemade and refined sugar-free, animal fat-free, dairy-free & gluten-free! 😲😍👌

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So delicious food , its so healthy . Keep good work .

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @flamingirl

Impressive sweet dish. Loosk so.awesome man. Tgis is.really good. The cake anf the little viscuit must have a rich flavor and an enhancing taste

Wow unbelievable. This is awesome. It is good to be healthy. Thanks for sharing another wonderful post @flamingirl


Yes it is good my friend! Thanks @owen121 for your comment so nice as all days =D


You welcome my friend

very tasty this sister's cake :)

That's very good and healthy food I really like this..

Yummmyy...looks delicious

good food, what is one of his donut his name ..?


It is The Ginger turmeric donut (vegan) =D

Congratulations! Great job!


Thank you my friend! =D

It must be an exquisite dessert, we must always opt for the best diet for a healthy body. Good contribution.

Awasome, Photographyfood


Thanks my friend =D

Que rico se ve eso @flamingirl
Un abrazo!


Este postre no lleva gluten ni lactosa y es increible! <3
Saludos desde Barcelona!

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Is there such a thing as dessert tapas?

healthy & yummy

My tea