I Ate Ghost Pepper Chips With Scorpion Pepper Salsa & Added Reaper Pepper Sauce!

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So my friends challenge me to eat spicy stuff because nothing yet has stumped me. Recently I was challenged to eat ghost pepper chips. They come in at near 1 million scoville units. Well they didn’t phase me and I ate them like normal Doritos. No problem!

Then a week or so later we found scorpion pepper salsa. So of course I had to try the salsa on the chips right?

The scorpions pepper salsa comes in at 1,473,000+ scoville units or round up to 1.5 million basically. I tried it on the ghost pepper chips and still not hot to me 🙂

I even broke out a spoon and ate it like soup. Not hot.

So what did I do to break a sweat? I added reaper pepper extract sauce called Flash Bang at a whooping 3.5 million scoville units.But if you want to see what happened then you got to watch the video 😉

Video was a live-stream event on my YouTube channel:

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I could not handle what you eat at all. I rarely eat anything spicy and even a little bit spicy bothers me. What you are eating is just crazy. What tough taste buds, stomach and intestines you have. Wow Doc just wow.


lol... maybe its my super power?

You are crazy! I like spice but that much heat isn't eating, it's torture!


doesnt phase me lol...

Can’t do hot anymore. I get terrible hiccups now for some crazy reason.


my migraine medicine lowers my heat tolerance...