Cheap, Simple, But Tasty Lunch

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For today lunch, im in the mood of something simple.
So i went to like a small shop near my house that sells this kind of ready to eat dishes.
They sells a lot of dishes variety from chicken, fish, vegetable, etc.
This is like a home made food but they sell it.
Its different taste from restaurant food.


The first dish that i’ve bought this green chili chicken.
I dont eat it tho because i dont eat any other part of chicken except the breast. I just buy it for the green chili.
Its 5.000 idr


Sweet and sour chicken.
Once again, i bought it just because i want to taste the soup.
It’s certainly true to its name.
I can only taste the sour and sweet, cant taste the spicy at all.
So i decided to not eat the chicken too and just put the sauce on my rice.
Its 5.000 idr


Anchovy and peanut with chili sauce
This one is the classic and the combination between both cant just be not tasty.
Im happy the peanut is cooked moderately, sometimes people cooked the peanut for too long so theres a burnt taste to it.
And the chili sauce is nice too, its sweet but spicy.
This my fav dish for today.
Price 4.000 idr


Last but not least, the vegetables soup.
I honestly doesnt know what its called but inside we can find carrot, cabbage, and other.
Its pleasantly tasty too, so i enjoy it.
Sometimes i need to force myself to eat vegetables because i know my body needs it but my tongue hate it.
Price 3.000 idr


My lunch, i enjoy it so much.
Its nice to take a break from pricy food once in awhile.


wow maravilloso saludos de tu amigo @drfk

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