Cutest potato ever! ♥

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My dear friend/ co-worker gave this to me after she came back from her Japan trip.

They told me what's it called but Geez! I can't seem to remember. Another Japan food item that puzzled me.

Seriously, my reaction was all scream and tears of joy. It's sooo cute!!

It is a foamy sweet potato.

Taste like real sweet potato, the crystallized sugar can be felt. Foamy yet fulfilling. It can be mistaken as a molded "cake" because of its texture.

It's his little round, sleepy and actually, whole appearance of this little chick potato that makes me go crazy.

If this is a true chick, I would be vegetarian real quick! :D

Thank you for reading! ♥
Until next time!

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Much love,
Feye ♥

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Looks delicious


my colleagues says it is!
He's too cute to eat. I can't. Haha!


I understand how you feel, better just looking at it than lose it after eating it


yayks! hahaha
I wanna know its name! HUHU!

you should have drawn a mouth and turned it into a smiley
i give it a 3/10


Thought of that! But I love the chicks just like that. ^_^
Thanks for dropping by, @shitty.


I think japanese make the cutest snacks. it's so cute, I can imagine that u don't want to eat. . hehe


You got it right! ^^ @aburmeseabroad
I almost want to keep it and take good care of it and NAMED IT! :D

An interesting comment, but it is more profitable to start a new day every day ;)


Thank you. but I'm sorry.. what do you mean?
I don't think I got the meaning of your message right..