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Why We Start Today?

A few months ago, I was approached to work on a project to change the world. Sounds a bit cliche, right? Not really, this young entrepreneur had a great idea to change the way we go about our food, buying it and actually distributing it to our fellow man and woman.


Creativity to its fullest

As any other person, I was a bit curious but not blown away, by far. Thankfully, my curiosity brought me to take action and go with the flow of this entrepreneur while staying in my own lane (if that makes sense). My field is tech, so I offered my expertise and together with his creative thinking and boatload of marketing research on the sustainable industry we setup Farmed Today B.V. A platform that doesn't just cater to farmers, but to "Foodpreneurs" in general, plus foodies. Currently on the verge of officially launching our website as well as the wonderful sustainable products of our registered foodpreneurs.

Did you know:

Did you know that food that is grown without any chemicals is actually cheaper to grow than food that "looks" perfect? The industry and marketing heads have brainwashed us so badly that it doesn't even look strange to go to a bio store and pay extra because it's "pure", but let's think, people. Chemicals actually are very expensive and also not too healthy for us in the long run. Did you also know that farmers are getting screwed on the deal for their produce? Farmed Today tries to give them much better margins for their produce and products while adding value to them in other ways as well.

What we stand for:

We aim to bring our fellow man or woman much healthier food that is sustainable while making sure that foodpreneurs profit with us as well. Do YOU have a sustainable product that you want to offer? Let us know and we'll gladly have a talk with you how we can add value to you as an entrepreneur in the food industry! In case you are interested in working with us in terms of or investing in Farmed Today, feel free to send us an email through the website or just comment on this article (

G. Kloof - CTO & Head of Marketing
Farmed Today B.V.


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Thank you @Johnniec ! =)

Nice post!


Thanks =)

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Thank you=)

What a great initiative thank you for making such a wonderful impact for people + our planet, killed two birds with one stone so they say, but in this sense you just enriched the essence of both of the birds. I'm looking forward to receiving more posts about your new way and have followed and upvoted! @tesalgreenhawk Peace ॐ


Thank you very much @tesalgreenhawk ! =)

inspiring, healty food, healty body,spirit and mind,Great and good luck! :))