Homemade Duck from the Charcoal Grill!

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I made duck on my charcoal grill for the first time.

This is how i did it.


This is a weber grill. I use a Weber Kettle 57cm One Touch BBQ.


With my girlfriend I went to an Asian Supermarket where I found a whole duck. I had only ever eaten the breast before (and loved it) so I decided to give this a try.


I bought this marinate with it. It smells like Beijing duck.


Duck has allot more fat than chicken. You need to scorch the skin before you put it on the grill. this way the fat can release faster. Rub the marinate all over.


Light the coals for the grill. I use a Firestarter. I highly recommend you get one.


Add the hot coals to the grill. Cover about 2/3 of the grill (see picture). Put a basket made from aluminum foil in the center. Put the duck in the center of the grill.


Heat up the grill too 180℃ ( or 350℉).


Make yourself comfortable and open your first beer of the day. This is an important step. Wait one hour before opening the lid.


After 1 hour open the grill to check your duck. Mine looked like this.


I brushed the duck with the marinate and also added some extra coals.


Keep the temp steady at 180℃ ( or 350℉). Close the lid. After 1 more hour, it looked like this. What you aiming for is a crispy skin. I took the duck off the grill and let it rest for 20 minutes.


By this time everybody was starving. After carving I realised I forgot to take pictures. I made everybody stop eating and took some shots.


A duck leg with crispy skin.


A Piece of duck with cheese bread and potatoes.


In the end, I was very happy with the result. The duck was very juicy and the skin was crispy and very flavorful from the marinate. The biggest lesson I learned from preparing this bird is that a duck has less meat than a chicken of the same size. I could barely feed four hungry people with this duck. It's good to remember this when you prepare you own duck!

Grill on!


As someone who loves doing a lot of grilling himself, I must say your duck looks absolutely mouth watering!

Thank you! Grilling is just so much fun and once you get the hang of its a bit addiction as well.

Wowza, this duck looks so tasty! Never had a duck grilled, should try it someday ;D

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