Exploring Taiwan Morning Market

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International adventure travel brings with it the need of flexibility, and yes that also applies to one food selection. It is important to eat good clean, and very fresh food so you can be ready for your active day exploring your new surroundings. Morning markets are common place with our travels, and our time in Taiwan was no exception. These markets have everything ready to go there on the spot within different level of preparation.

Every part of the animal is normally used, and nothing is wasted if there is a use. That include chicken feet, and the internal organs of animals.

These meat sausages are made there and sold rather quickly as the are made for the customers looking for something fresh in the morning.

Some food is sometimes prepared for eating on the spot, and you can see the many different animal parts cooked and prepared for your eating pleasure.

Fresh vegetables seem to always accompany the meat, and can be found with all of the markets. Here you will find home grown, and original varieties that have been past down through the many generations of original seed collections.

The vegetables, are bright, firm, and natural.

Mushrooms are used within most meals, and normally have a selection of their own. These can be common varieties or varieties that are harder to come by.

Dumplings are a mixture of meat, seasonings and vegetables of different combinations. These are also made fresh on the spot for your latest fried or dumpling soup dish.

Noodles are a mainstay of most Asian meals, and can be found ready prepared or ingredients can be bought and available on hand for you to make your own once home.

Here is a small video of us enjoying our market morning having our favorite soup freshly prepared while we wait.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="

" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

With so many items to inspect, and to decide upon one must ensure they have a plan when you explore the market. People are always nice, and friendly while enjoying watching you explore, and enjoy your next fresh meal.

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I love morning markets!

Asian markets are always amazing and have everything fresh available.

Very beautiful ,i am searching in internet for more info about this place! I’d like go there for next trip

What I love about Asian markets is that they sell you everything there. In asian culture, they eat absolutely anything and everything, and I love exploring all the different foods there are in asian culture.

Now that I look at it, uncooked chicken feet look very unappealing to eat. However, the taste of chicken feet once it's cooked is delicious and flavourful... That's what I love about asian markets. You try new things that you would expect to have a weird taste, but numerous foods will actually greatly surprise you.

I love this. It also seems like a genuine sense of community in markets when I am in Asia. I've been to markets in Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore; and they all seem to have this tightness of community; in common.

I've not been to Taiwan, though it is on my list for sure! I'm not sure how brave I'd be about eating "anything and everything", but I would certainly try a few local delicacies for the first time!

This particular market has my favorite wonton soup :-)

Wow very nice food....
I like this one "Helping bring the world together one friend at a time. So travel and discover that the world is full of wonderful people"

Success is always for you @exploretraveler

Wow very interesting. I love the mushrooms, they are very different. And the fresh noodles. Thank you for sharing and have a nice weekend :)

Thank you @hanen we have always loved visiting these kind of markets all around Asia.

Yummy, do they have durian?

really missing that kind of marked.


Love this! Felt like I was there myself :)

a very good post I always admire your posts success always @exploretraveler

I also love morning markets @exploretraveler ☝✍


That must be an adventure all of it's own to explore fresh or cooked.

The food all looks good @exploretraveler and nothing should ever go to waste, a very good point to make (too many starving in the world today).

It all about food. Nice

Each region of asian has unique market characteristics👍

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nice and exotic

Yes its good to do shopping in morning. Vegetables are looking fresh n pic and feet of chicken seem to be scary. Remaining meat is looking fresh. i love mushroom & noddles. keep sharing @explortraveler very nice article with deep info of @Taiwan morning market. Upvoted & Resteem

excellent dear

really good post I found some tips in this post thanks @ exploretraveler
( ^ω^) ( ^ω^)
( ^ω^) ^ω^)

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Cool! But where is the beef for the Taiwanese beef noodle soup? I’m planning to go to Taiwan in a few weeks, everything here looks so fresh!

Nice article about foods and culture in Taiwan. I am not that adventurous with food so best not the best place for me, if I had the opportunity to travel, but I love to learn about other cultures.

very nice images you got there ! I have read a couple of taiwan travels today. I wonder why?

Taiwan makes use of the chicken like how we Filipinos do as well. Chicken feet is one of the streetfoods Filipinos like to eat!

Have you been to the philippines?

Starting your day is a good hawk with nice food. thank you for wonderful post.

The vegetables look indeed really fresh and yummy but I don't think I could bring myself to try out every diffrent animal part^^ Nevertheless, in my opinion it is great that they use every part of an animal and do not throw the unwanted parts away!

Good post! Visit our blog and see the latest news and the best tops :D Greetings

Taiwan street market food is generally cheap

I love exploring markets! This one looks very clean and organised, I'd love to visit and do some shopping there.

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